March 28, 2023

By Ines Branco

Clinical trials back plant-source peptides discovered by Artificial Intelligence

Two clinical studies have verified the efficacy of PeptiStrong, a plant-sourced ingredient extracted from fava beans and containing cell-signaling peptides. The ingredient, identified by biotech specialist Nuritas’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, has been shown to outperform milk protein.

Nutritas states that it focuses on discovering and launching new generations of intelligent ingredients to help manufacturers make healthier, safer, greener products and that its. The company’s AI platform can unlock efficacious solutions with a success rate of up to 1,200 times that of traditional R&D.

“These two double-blind placebo efficacy clinical trials underline the power of our PeptiStrong ingredient and AI platform technology,” says Dr. Nora Khaldi, CEO and founder of Nuritas. We look forward to powering the next-generation sustainable, plant-based products with real health benefits supported by science.”

Nuritas Board Member, Dr. Guru Ramanathan, an expert in clinical trials management and consumer health product development, adds: “Today’s consumers are scrutinizing the efficacy and scientific backing of their products, and their expectations for scientific demonstration keep growing.”

Two clinical trials demonstrated the efficacy of PeptideStrong in muscle health. Science backing 
In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, PeptiStrong performed better than traditional animal proteins, specifically milk protein, in muscle protein synthesis. The ingredient also improved the rate of muscle protein synthesis during recovery. In muscle mass loss and recovery, the ingredient performed similarly to milk.

Muscle health has been identified as the next frontier of research and intervention in the loss of strength, muscle mass and soreness brought on by activity and strenuous training.

A second clinical trial, published in Nutrients, found that PeptiStrong works at the root cause of muscle health and aging and could benefit multiple industries and consumer profiles.

The ingredient significantly improved strength recovery and restoration, reduced fatigue and positively modulated alterations in markers related to muscle homeostasis. It was effective through human digestion at a dose of 2.4 g/day.

Product applications 
The ingredient has been included in three supplements on the market. It has been formulated in an electrolyte drink, gel shot textures, shake powder and shake drinks, cereal bars, protein bars and standard and compressed capsules.

“Consumers are also much more aware of all nutritional approaches and have reached a point where they have optimized their nutrition,” notes Ramanathan.

“This is a new generation of ingredients that signals the cells and the body to function and to make better use of any type of nutrition, vegan or not. Combining oral peptides and nutritional compounds in supplements and functional food will bring green tech innovation to a new level.”

“Improving the quality and impact of edible and skincare products has been a key focus for Nuritas,” adds Khaldi.

The Nuritas Peptide Finder predicts and unlocks bioactive ingredients from plants and other food sources. AI-powered peptides 
Khaldi previously told NutritionInsight that peptides would surpass the field of proteins.

“Our partners worldwide realize the peptide potential and that this area can only grow. On the customer side, more understanding of the formulation, positioning and claims through peptides will lead to widening application and ultimately better consumer solutions.”

She explained that the Nuritas Peptide Finder (Nπϕ) predicts and unlocks bioactive ingredients found in plants and natural food sources to identify peptides with applications in anti-aging, muscle strength and glucose management.

The Nuritas platform can identify efficient, bioactive peptides from waste streams from food processing.

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Source: Nutrition Insight