April 4, 2016

By Nuritas

TEDx Talk: Unlocking the Miraculous Data in Food – The Future of Health

Nuritas™ Founder, Dr Nora Khaldi, had a great time speaking at TEDxBinnenhof in The Hague last week in an event co-organised by the European Union as part of the 2016 Dutch presidency.

In the talk, Dr Khaldi discusses how the current health system is an old and obsolete system that must be completely transformed. Indeed, although the current system has provided us with many life-saving treatments, we must shift our focus from the treatment of disease to the prevention of disease.

Nuritas™ is doing this as we are looking at disease-preventing molecules found within everyday foods. Indeed, our vision is to create the future of health, a new system that focuses on prevention rather than only on the treatment of disease.

Please enjoy the TEDx talk below:

Nora Khaldi