August 25, 2020

By Nuritas

PeptiStrong™ Scientific Paper Published in Nutrients Journal

Nuritas has published a peer reviewed, scientific paper in the Nutrients Journal on PeptiStrong™, a peptide discovered within the fava bean which has been shown to address skeletal muscle atrophy.

Preclinical Evaluation of a Food-Derived Functional Ingredient to Address Skeletal Muscle Atrophy by Roi Cal, Heidi Davis, Alish Kerr, Audrey Wall, Brendan Molloy, Sweeny Chauhan, Sanja Trajkovic, Ian Holyer, Alessandro Adelfio and Nora Khaldi is published in the current issue of Nutrients Journal.

Using their proprietary ground-breaking AI technology NπΦ (pronounced N-pi-fy or Nuritas Peptide Finder), Nuritas discovered and unlocked this peptide from the fava bean. PeptiStrong™ is an intelligent ingredient which repairs and enhances the body’s muscle machinery.

You can read the peer reviewed, scientific paper in Nutrients here.

You can find out more about PeptiStrong™ here.