December 6, 2018

By Nuritas

Nuritas™ Featured in NutraIngredients- December 5, 2018

Excellent article detailing a round-table conversation NutraIngredients held with Nuritas and BASF discussing ‘the possibilities of applying BASF knowhow with the technology platform’.

The article discusses PeptAIde, the world’s first bioactive ingredient discovered and delivered through artificial intelligence (AI) as a result of the partnership between BASF and Nuritas.

“PeptAIde is a world first, but there will be many others that follow, possibly in personalised, healthy ageing and infant nutrition. We can take the data gathered and put it to good use” said Neil Foster, head of strategic partnerships at Nuritas.

“AI offers a very fast approach or solution so from the beginning of the collaboration until the launch of PeptAIde now, was a period of roughly two years. This is considered extremely fast. You can see the benefit of two companies bringing their expertise together” explained Mareike-Katharina Kampmann, BASF’s global marketing manager, dietary supplements, human nutrition.

Thank you to Will Chu for a great feature.

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