November 8, 2018

By Nuritas

Nuritas Announces Launch of the World’s First Healthcare Ingredient Delivered Through Artificial Intelligence

Nuritas today announced the commercial launch of PeptAIde, the world’s first bioactive ingredient discovered and delivered through artificial intelligence (AI). It is being brought to the market by BASF. PeptAIde contains a patented network of anti-inflammatory bioactive peptides discovered by Nuritas’s proprietary AI platform and is being launched commercially today in the U.S. with additional launches in Asia Pacific and Europe in 2019. PeptAIde is the first product from a deeper collaboration between Nuritas and BASF which aims to discover and commercially develop food derived, natural bioactive peptides for health benefit.

“Harnessing the power of AI to significantly improve human health through new discovery is no longer a vision for the distant future,” said Emmet Browne, chief executive officer of Nuritas. “Historically, AI has been associated with significant hype but has yet to lead to the discovery of a healthcare product. With the launch of PeptAIde, Nuritas has delivered on that promise for the first time in human history by demonstrating AI’s true potential to improve health. AI has enabled us to do what would be previously considered impossible, propelling us from first partnership contract to commercial launch of a healthcare product in under two years. We engage in truly collaborative partnerships in the preventative consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical spaces, and, to that end, we look forward to continuing the groundbreaking collaboration with BASF, a renowned global innovator in nutrition and chemistry.”

PeptAIde is comprised of a unique peptide network unlocked from rice protein developed to alleviate inflammation, the body’s response to injury. Research demonstrates that the consumption of PeptAIde leads to anti-inflammatory responses by modulating cytokine responses and immune activity. PeptAIde, as a sports nutrition ingredient, has the potential to provide active individuals with anti-inflammatory physiological benefits after exercise.

Dr. Nora Khaldi, founder and chief scientific officer of Nuritas who led this discovery commented, “Substances with therapeutic potential have existed within nature for hundreds of millions of years; however, humans haven’t been able to identify, access, and harness the potential of those substances with the necessary speed and accuracy. Our team of scientists has made a revolutionary leap in human history by developing a proprietary artificial intelligence platform with the unique capability to make discoveries that would otherwise have taken humans dozens of years and cost tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. Our natural anti-inflammatory PeptAIde is just the beginning. The capabilities of our AI technology to empower the human discovery of natural molecules to improve the health of billions of people holds limitless potential.”

About Nuritas
Founded in 2014, Nuritas is solving the unmet medical needs of the world with the unparalleled capability to develop preventative and curative peptide-based treatments for disease with industry leading speed and accuracy. It is successfully doing so currently in collaboration with a number of industry leading multinationals. The company is changing the landscape of bioactive discovery by identifying novel peptides using a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform, with in silico predictions validated by their in-house multidisciplinary team of scientists and laboratory. Nuritas engages in collaborative partnerships in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries to conduct peptide discovery that is faster, more accurate, and less expensive than traditional drug discovery.

Nuritas has received global recognition for the impact of its innovative technology which includes winning the overall Innovation Award at the Forbes Reinventing America Summit in 2015, the Nutrition Capital Network Venture competition in October 2016 and support from EU Horizon 2020 in 2016 for a peptide that carries the potential to prevent pre-diabetic patients from developing diabetes.

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