April 24, 2013

By Nuritas

The discovery of many novel anti-microbial peptides in human breast milk

This is the first time that a study has shown a vast amount of new peptides in human milk [1]. Founder Nora Khaldi and co-authors (Dallas, D. et al.) not only show that some breast milk proteins are digested into peptides prior infant digestion, but that many of these carry extroardinary anti-microbial functions as a protective shield to the breast fed infant.

1. David C Dallas, Andres Guerrero, Nora Khaldi, Patricia A Castillo, William F Martin, Jennifer T Smilowitz, Charles L Bevins, Daniela Barile, J Bruce German, Carlito B Lebrilla. Extensive in vivo human milk peptidomics reveals specific proteolysis yielding protective antimicrobial peptides. J Proteome Res, 2013. 12(5): p. 2295-304.

You can find this article in the Journal of Proteome Research at the following link