December 20, 2016

By Nuritas

7 Questions with Greg Stafford

Team Member: Greg Stafford

Position at Nuritas™: CFO and general counsellor for some…

What inspires you?

The ability to achieve something on a global scale that can truly leave a positive legacy.

What do you think is the best scientific innovation?

Penicillin – as the first antibiotic, the number of lives saved by this drug alone is phenomenal.

From an Economic standpoint (Economics is a science!): Adam Smith’s theory on “classical economics”. Ultimately his theory was that a laissez-faire attitude by government toward the marketplace will allow the “invisible hand” to guide everyone in their economic endeavors. This will in turn create the greatest good for all. This theory is an interesting approach in today’s highly regulated world.

Who is your favourite scientist and why?

Megamind, Dr Evil, Nora Khaldi and Dominique Bridon in that order.

What interests you the most right now in the health and/or food arena?

The ability to introduce modern technologies and modern thought processes to the fundamental belief of our ancestors; that food was at the heart of preventing and curing disease.

What do you like most about working at Nuritas™?

The eclectic mix of people we have working in the team creates a truly unique culture. I have never been amongst a more competitive group of people who are all working towards the same goals and objectives.

Also, there is never a day where there is not a mountain of sweets/cake in the kitchen… Luckily we are creating the cure !!!

If you could be a peptide which peptide would you be and what disease would you target?

Apart from all the actual disease beating ingredients we are producing at the moment, the two peptides I could do with most right now are:
• The Sleep Peptide: A Peptide that can give the power of sleep, particularly in parents who are sleep deprived…
• The Fitness Peptide: A Peptide that will eliminate the need for going to the gym

Any last comments?

It is great to be able to be part of a company that has the ability and the desire to take on world impacting problems and succeed.

I truly believe that Nuritas is not only going to be the next great Irish company to compete on the world stage, but also a company that is going to revolutionise the way we look at food. It is no longer good enough that food tastes good, food can now prevent and cure disease and thus create a better life for us all.