August 25, 2016

By Nuritas

7 Questions with Claudia Colombo

For our third blog entry in this series we have interviewed Lab Engineer, Claudia Colombo, MSc. Hailing from Peymeinade, France, Claudia has been an integral part of the Nuritas™ team from the beginning!

Team Member: Claudia Colombo

Position at Nuritas™: Lab Engineer

Why did you want to become a scientist?

I always wanted to work in science, especially in the lab, because I’m curious about biologic mechanisms and I wanted to be involved in something that can help people on a daily basis.

Family helped confirm that I wanted to be a scientist. Family is an important element in your life and when you are separated from your family members due to a disease you want to help other people avoid this.

What do you think is the best scientific innovation (aside from Nuritas™, of course)?

There is not just one “best scientific innovation”, for me, it is the power of all the scientific innovations together, a mixture between biology, physics, chemistry, etc which permits a multidisciplinary approach for a better understanding of different dieseases, which permits their detection and prevention.

Who is your favourite scientist and why?

I don’t have a favourite scientist. For me, all scientists are admirable, famous or not, old or young, dead or alive, in academia or in company. Once they do their job with passion and have the goal to help people and do the best of they can to succeed. All of them are an integral stone in the structure of science.

What interests you the most right now in the health and/or food arena?

It is the power of science to understand the mechanisms, the pathways involved in disease and found in the environment or in food solutions to prevent and cure diseases.

What do you like most about working at Nuritas™?

I like working at Nuritas™ because we are a team where all the people here are conscientious and have the same goal: help the maximum amount of people by creating preventative and curing peptides to fight diseases. Besides, here you can have a real impact on the process and success of the company and participate in different projects.

If you could be a peptide which peptide would you be and what disease would you target?

I would like to be a peptide which can change its structure to target chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancers as well as other different diseases in accordance with people’s needs.

Any last comments?

Smile at life and it will smile at you!