December 15, 2015

By Nuritas

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Science Lovers

The Holiday Season is in full swing and if you are like the team here at Nuritas™, you are most likely still looking for the perfect gift for that special friend or family member, as well as that colleague you may owe a few cups of coffee.

We decided to compile a list of great gift ideas for the science lover in your life. Here are our top 5 choices:

1. Peptify

Give the gift of Peptify!

Who doesn’t want to see their name in Peptide form on a card, mug, blanket, or even a tattoo?! Okay, a tattoo might be a little much but it’s a great personal gift to give that special someone. You can even find out what genome their name is a part of!

Here is an example below:


Name: Nuritas
Genome: Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus

This genome is actually a family of viruses – how fun!

Go on and spread the Peptide cheer by clicking on and give your science fan a gift they will always remember!

2. Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This is a great idea for the adventurous chef and eater! You can experiment with different techniques and combinations such as arugula spaghetti, beet foam and molecular bruschetta.



3. Sugru

Forget about science – this stuff is actually pure magic. As their tagline states, “Sugru is the world’s first mouldable glue that turns into rubber.” You can use this to fix anything from cables to coffee mug handles to a sinking boat! It’s the next generation of duct tape and we think it should be in everyone’s home.



4. Beaker Mug

Who wants a boring old coffee mug when you can have a Beaker Mug! Enough said.



5. The Swegway

The Swegway, or “Hoverboard” for those of us who are of the Marty McFly generation, is quite the popular item this year. Although there have been a few recent stories regarding faulty swegways, provides a great list of recommended boards as well as a helpful buying guide.


Per PCAdvisor these can range from around £299.00-£599.00. A few models even come with Bluetooth technology and built in speakers so you can spread Christmas cheer with a few Christmas carols as you roll on down the street!

*Please be sure to check the laws regarding Swegways in your area however as they may not be allowed on streets and/or pavements depending on the district.