July 4, 2023

By Ines Branco

12 Functional Food & Beverage Trends

Research and market data illustrate a confluence of consumer desires for functional foods and beverages, fueled by science demonstrating benefits of health-promoting ingredients. Take drinks alone. Ohad Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, Gadot Biochemical Industries, points to data from Grand View Research: The global functional drinks market size was estimated to be worth $204.8 billion in 2022, expected to achieve a CAGR of 7.1% from 2023 to 2030.

“It is well-known that health is increasingly perceived holistically by consumers, so for nutrition brands, we have moved beyond needing to just convince consumers that wellbeing and nutrition are important; it is now about providing tailored solutions to the right consumers, which can mean combining physical, inner and mental wellbeing claims,” says Paige Wilkinson – Global Marketing Manager, Active Living, Fonterra. “Brands need to understand the different influences, motivations, and barriers to effectively tailor their solutions and build deeper consumer relationships. If we can understand the motivations and perceptions of specific segments of consumers, we can further understand how to position products to best meet their needs.”

In June, Nutiani released consumer data showing multifunctionality is the top health claim consumers are looking for in products. Wilkinson reports that relationships between the following areas are most well recognized by consumers:

• Nearly half of consumers believe mental wellbeing affects their ability to control their weight and exercise regularly.

• More than seven in 10 relate good digestive health to lower stress levels and better immune health.

• Consumers strongly relate physical wellbeing with better digestive, immune, and skin health. 

“The takeaway,” Wilkinson says, “is that brands should consider addressing these interconnected health concerns through a single, multifunctional product that will address holistic health solutions, convenience and value-for-money.”

Additional factors driving growth in the functional market:

5. Active Nutrition 

Highlighting the growth potential in the active space, Dr. Andrew Franklyn-Miller, Chief Medical and Innovation Officer at Nuritas, explains, “At Nuritas, we use artificial intelligence to identify possible new ingredients from nature, faster than was previously possible. Over the last seven years, we have built a proprietary plant-based peptide library in our laboratories and computing power that’s amassed over six million peptides with potential benefits, not yet used in nutrition. Through clinical trials we are able to discover these benefits fast within two years and bring them to the market. Our latest ingredient, PeptiStrong peptides, are the next generation intelligent ingredient for muscles.” He says the ingredient delivers faster recovery, allowing products to offer clinical trial-based claims on performance and recovery. Nuritas peptides have already formulated in food (cereal bars, protein bars) and beverages (gel shots, electrolyte drinks, milk and powder shakes).

Nuritas also is introducing ingredients that could contribute to healthy aging, vitality, and energy, or solutions to menopause, Dr. Franklyn-Miller says. “We are just beginning to scratch the surface of the huge benefits that peptides can unlock and with the use of AI technology, we can finally begin to explore this previously unattainable level of health and wellness.”

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Source: Whole foods Magazine